Go Coach.

Here’s the secret cure for stress: do something nice for someone else.
You’ll feel better right away. If you don’t, double the dose.
Coaching is one of the ways I “give.” I’m a very active coach, and after two clients or classes, I’m spent. Yes, I charge for my time (and you do, too) but consider what we’re giving people:

  • The only time they’ll hear “You are doing a great job!” all day.
  • The only measurable accomplishment they’ll probably make all week.
  • The only genuine greeting (“It’s great to see you!”) they’ll get from most people.
  • The only “fast hour” of all 24.
  • The only screen-free conversation they’ll have before bedtime.
  • Hugs, PRs, and all that stuff.
  • Joy.

After almost 20 years as a coach, I’ve learned the best way to deal with stress is to just. go. coach.
Stressed about a nasty email? Go coach.
Worried about the rent? Go coach.
Tired? Achy? Sad about the weather? Go coach.
The secret to life is to make other people happy. You’re doing that. Go coach.


One more thing!

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