Give The Gift That Matters Most

My hope is that you are not reading this email. I hope that you are wrapping presents, decorating a tree, or preparing a delicious meal for the family.
I hope that you are surrounding yourself with loved ones and taking a moment to be in the present and build some memories. What I hope the MOST for you is that you are taking a break from your inbox and from the daily grind. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.
But if for some reason, you are heading into the gym or the office or the gym-office, I wanted to share with you and revisit a topic I wrote about earlier this year.
When we are in the grind trying our hardest to grow our business and get new members, sometimes we lose sight of what really matters most.
A lot of the marketing gurus out there will often say:
“You need to build funnels and pump as many people into that funnel as you can. Gain more than you lose and you’ll end up on top.”
The underlying sentiment here is this: marketing is a numbers game.
But we at Two-Brain do not believe in this idea.
Instead of focusing on leads, how many came in, how do I get my cost per lead down, how can I spend less to get more – why don’t we focus on giving more. Give to your members that you already have.
Every day I talk to gym owners and they say, “I have 90% close rate, I have the best coaches in town, the problem is, I just need more leads, more people coming through the door.”
But my advice is to stop. Stop thinking of marketing as a numbers game. Stop thinking of people as numbers. Focus on the people- that’s the game for us at Two-Brain.
We are in the business of helping people. Give more to the people you have and they will stay forever. You don’t need more leads, you need to deliver results to your current members. That’s the greatest gift you can give them. If you can do that – consistently- THEN you are ready to market and grow.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Mateo Lopez
Two-Brain Marketing Mentor


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