5 Ways to Get Your Members Behind Your Programs

PT Starter Kit:  Getting Your Staff Behind Your Programs

If you want a program to work, you need to get the gym behind it.  This includes your staff and obviously your members.

Staff is easy, mostly.  Show the role/expectations to outline the gig.  Show them the value to them ($$$).  Show them how easy it is to run and make $$$ by doing the role yourself first and documenting the process.

Members might be more challenging.  They don’t usually like change unless there is a huge benefit to them or they see a ton of value in it or they desire it too much not to have it.

Try the following:


  1. Have your coaches train each other and document the process
    1. Use these videos / blogs / Instagram posts as content and share.
  2. Offer a trial session/class to your Mavens/Seed Clients (Pumpkin Planning)
    1. These are your top paying most enthusiastic clients, basically just shy of waving a sign for you on the street.
    2. Let them try the product with your prospective coach.  Get feedback afterwards.  Did they like it?  What did they like about it?  Would they sign up?  Would they refer a friend?
  3. Work the referrals.  If a Seed client was up to refer, take the referral and do the same thing.  This is Affinity Marketing.  Start with their closest relationships (i.e. family, friends, co-workers).
  4. Change your On Ramp to 1-on-1
    1. The best way to change the gym philosophy on training is to have everyone start with it.
    2. Be sure to offer Personal Training after On Ramp ends, not just CrossFit.
  5. Launch Skill Sessions at your gym
    1. Skill sessions are 30 minute sessions used to work on one particular skill.
    2. Charge for these.
    3. Take video analysis and run through progressions with the client to get them to accomplish this particular skill in 30-60 days. 

We can all agree that the fastest and safest way for a client to go from point A to point B in terms of their fitness goals is 1 on 1.  But how are you selling that idea at your gym?  Foster the philosophy and harvest the results.
If you need more help, we are here for you.


Jeff Burlingame
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner – Friction CrossFit

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