Exactly What to Say to Get PT Sign-Ups

A young trainer speaks to a client about personal training in a gym.

I’m going to give you a few million-dollar sales lines today.

And I don’t mean “line” like you’re duping someone into buying garbage.

I mean simple sentences that have been used in my gym and many others to generate millions of dollars in PT revenue while helping clients make progress toward goals.

Why Is PT Essential in Gyms?

First, a review:

  • PT gets the fastest results for clients. They can make progress in groups, but there’s no substitute for customized programming and direct attention.
  • PT is good for coaches. In a one-on-one setting where a coach earns 44 percent of gross revenue, take-home pay is usually much better than it is for coaching a group class.
  • Clients who are onboarded in a one-on-one setting stay longer and buy more (our data proves this).
  • When gym owners who don’t offer PT join our mentorship program and get PT services in place, they usually see a revenue jump of 15-20 percent right away.

And this one deserves its own bullet:

  • If you don’t offer PT, some of your clients are going to seek it out elsewhere.

PT is a no brainer. You should offer it.

Existing Clients

When you do Goal Review Sessions with your current clients, you must measure their progress toward their goals. That measurement frames the conversation.

From there, you ask if the client is satisfied or wants to speed up progress. If the client feels the need for speed, here’s your line:

“The best way for you to speed up your progress is to add a one-on-one session with me every month, where I give you a little extra homework.”

The response will be one of two things:

1. The client will ask for a price and add it to the monthly bill. (That’s a big win: Your average revenue per member just jumped.)

2. The client will ask for the price and say “I can’t do that right now.” You just say, “No problem. You’re still going to make progress with the current plan. Let’s meet again in three months and review your progress.” (This is laying the groundwork for a future win: The client now knows where the accelerator is, and they can stomp it at any time.)

Here’s a stat: In Two-Brain gyms, 30 percent of clients who do Goal Review sessions upgrade service packages by about 30 percent. That works out to about a 9 percent increase in gross monthly revenue.

Use this approach with current clients. I can’t think of a better way to improve your top-line revenue without adding more members.

New Clients

John Franklin, a former gym owner who is now our chief marketing officer, told me the line I’m about to give you made him a million dollars when he was running a fitness business.

With new clients, you should bring them into your business with a free consultation followed by a one-on-one on-ramp. Retention data shows this is the best way to keep clients longer. It also adds front-end revenue and exposes the new client to high-quality one-on-one coaching.

We teach clients exactly how to do these free consultations so they convert at high rates. The short version: Find out what the person’s goal is, take a measurement so you know where the person is starting, then provide a prescription to take the person from the starting point to the goal. That prescription should include a one-on-one on-ramp and something like this:

“If you want to be ready for that race in four months, I recommend training three times a week, doing a mix of strength-and-conditioning work.”

Then you say this:

“Would you be more comfortable doing these workouts in a small-group setting or one-on-one with me?”

Back in the day, many gym owners who focused on group coaching just assumed that’s what everyone wanted. They were wrong.

Many clients don’t want to work out in a group at all. In fact, in my gym, 25-30 percent of clients want the one-on-one option after the on-ramp.

The question can be reused after 90 days in Goal Review Sessions: “We’re making amazing progress here. Would you like to try group or would you like to continue one on one with me?”

About 30 percent of people will want to continue PT with you indefinitely. In my case, about 10 precent of clients only do PT—but the value of each client is 2.5X that of a group client.

Use These Lines!

These lines work. They’ve worked for me, and they’ve worked in gyms all over the world.

Start using them today as part of a goal-review/free-consultation system at your gym. (Two-Brain clients get checklists, step-by-step instructions and done-for-you resources to get these systems in place at very high speed.)

If you follow my advice, your revenue will go up.

And if you want to learn more about scaling PT, my new guide is now out.

To get “How to Add $10K in PT Without Adding a Single Member,” head to the Gym Owners United group and send me a DM!


One more thing!

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