How to Get More From Your Facebook Ads, Part 2

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By Travis Mattern from Fitness Education Online

Lead ads for your fitness business have two main advantages.

1. They allow you to build a list of interested clients, who will ideally be warmed through your Facebook group and email marketing campaigns for future offers.

2. They allow you to make sales.

These are two important results of one ad spend.

Check out some simple numbers: You spend $300 on ads, and our experience with clients suggests you might get anywhere from 30 to 60 leads. From this number you might conservatively estimate three to six sales. If you are selling an appropriately priced product or service, that means you have covered your ad spend and put an extra 30-60 leads into your long-term funnels. 

Photo Tips

In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned that trainers often choose photos of fit people working hard or photos that have a “professional look.” Some people will also use stock images rather than their own photos. In our experience running thousands of different ads, these options get outperformed by simpler choices.

We recommend you test at least two options:

  • A group photo of your crew smiling and happy.
  • A selfie-style image with your group smiling and looking at the camera.

Nothing professional is needed, and no one must be working hard in the shots. They’re just nice, simple photos of smiling people.

We’ve also found that outdoor images work better, so if you ever train outdoors, take some photos of your crew, and then snap a few selfies with your group.

The Key Word?

In our opinion, the strongest word you can use in the ad is “challenge.” I know this can be a somewhat triggering term for many trainers, but hear me out. When I say “challenge,” I’m not adding in the words “weight loss,” “transformation” or anything like that. I’m keeping it simple: “X- Week Challenge.”

This term can literally mean anything. Maybe it means turning up to one session a week for one client. To another, it might mean shedding some pounds. We’re basically leaving it open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Running an “X-week challenge” has the benefit of requiring a minimum commitment from the client and generating a set income for you—say $50 per week over six weeks, for a $300 program.

Check out this article on another key “ad word.”

Grow Your Business!

If you adjust your ads based on what I’ve talked about in this series, I’m positive you’ll get a better return on investment. And feel free to reach out to Fitness Education Online. We’ve been running successful ads for bootcamp instructors all around the world. 

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Travis Mattern is the co-founder and director at Fitness Education Online, one of the world’s leading providers of CEC courses for personal trainers. Check out their range of Fitness Australia registered courses, as well as courses specifically focused on social media marketing.


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