Garage Gym Guy

by Jay Williams, Two-Brain Mentor
“I’ve been doing CrossFit for 4 years on my own in the garage.”
You ever have this guy walk into your gym?
He walks in with a TON of info (and bravado) and kinda “pokes around” your place.
He checks out the workouts, the equipment, the size of the place, and maybe even the people working out there.
But has almost NO interest in the coaching, even though you KNOW that’s what he needs.
Doesn’t this drive you crazy?
You KNOW your gym isn’t about the workouts, or the facility…
It’s about the coaching and the community, right?
And the truth is, if this guy doesn’t eventually get this, he’ll NEVER get the best results or the best experience.
But let me ask you this:
Are YOU that guy in your business?
The ideas from Two-Brain Business are all over the place now:
-The 4/9 model
-The Intramural open
-The no sweat intro
It makes it so that you can effectively run a garage gym based on our stuff…AND get great results!
But it’ll never be the full experience or the BEST results.
Reading about this stuff is not the same as being coached through it by an expert who can help you tailor the message to YOUR town, YOUR clients, and YOUR business.
Even if the information is EXACTLY the same, it’s never in the same order or with the same impact as when you hear it from a coach.
That’s the value of mentoring.
You might know it all…but a mentor can help you maximize that knowledge to get the best RESULTS.
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