From Our Readers: Messages In A Bottle

On Sunday, I posted “What’s In Your Note?“.
I asked readers of this blog to send me a short reply. I wanted to know what short message they’d send to a struggling gym owner–or to themselves in five years. Over 50 responses came back in the first 50 hours. Without opinion, correction or embellishment, here they are:

Love yourself first
Feel fear and face it
Be early
Make happiness

Big vision, Golden Rule, Relentless pursuit of excellence, Embrace failure

“You are a business owner, humble yourself, never stop learning, remember your why.”
Trust your instincts more its your vision, your dream and your ass on the line!
Never forgot to keep smiling. It will be fun, hard, beautiful, tough, outstanding, rewarding, stressful at times but you get to change lives. Set up rules right away. Stick to your values & please pay your self.
Be real about the brutal facts of your current situation but be optimistic about what the future holds.
Look inward to know why you are doing this and stop there. Don’t try to instill your values on everyone else. Help them improve their best values they already have.
“Finding the right staff that shares your vision and is hungry for more.  But more importantly communicating with them better and more often!” “Get paid what you are worth. But provide the same back.”
Stay in the fight. Find solutions.
Understand your why

Client shoes
Increase client value everyday
It’s okay to ask for help.

Charge what you’re worth.
Never forsake your happiness.
Start for the right reasons, hire 2BB, profit first, stay grounded
“It’s easier to do things right the first time. Choose wisely”
‘Hire someone smarter than you’
35-50 professionals is better niche than Games athletes. Give more charge more.
Start small and outgrow your box.
When deciding to take on a partner, pay attention to their actions both in and out of the gym, not their words.

Take action now. Not in a bit, right NOW.
Give more, charge more, BE more!
Do everything you can that is in YOUR power and forget about the rest.
Work hard and change lives. You never know who is watching.
Be bold and brave and kind and patient. Listen. Love.
Success in a Crossfit Box
1/ be authentic as a leader ( show them you)
2/ set your prices so you can “live” not survive.
3/ seek help and learn from others
4/ program for the masses
5/ be humble
Take them in your office. Sit them down. The new, the scared, the ones who think they want to quit. Take them in your office. Listen to them. Let them talk. Let them talk you their hearts and soul. Just listen. Say nothing and hug them. Then… only then… give them options how you can help them.

From there you will have “seed” clients, loyal members and people who will change their lives with you.
You get to choose, so choose to be happy.
Take action. Always pursue perfection but never achieve it. When facing a difficult situation or decision, take 48 hours. If it’s that important it can wait this long.
Be very careful of who you choose to partner with. Make sure that their intentions line up with your morals and desires. If not, get rid of them faster than you think you can and find partners who want what you want!
Don’t discount the value of your service in this world…in your mind or in transaction.
Do not be afraid of failure. Just do. It does not matter if you are confident or not. Just do.
100 @ $350 is better than 200 @ $200
Go with your gut and don’t be influenced by others who aren’t fully invested in you’re business.
Put all your members on auto-recurring and don’t do punch passes.
Since we just started working with Two-Brain and if I were writing to business owners it would be:  Work with a mentor who understands gyms!  Set yourself up for success first and do not think you’ll just make it some how.
Continue to work in the uncomfortable zone and praise God in the midst of it all.

Doing the RIGHT thing

Is always, the RIGHT thing.
This is great business if setup correctly. Charge premium prices, provide excellent service, have amazing systems, and have fun while pursuing the above!
Put the owner first, don’t build a cash cow for everyone else
Learn from those who are where you want to be.  Be relentless.
Know every member. Have meaningful conversations. Honor core values. Love your numbers.
Create Systems. Set Expectations.  If you don’t, it’s your fault!
Your mission is worth it.
“It’s never about you. It’s always about them.”
Processes and structure are everything

Look after your team and they will look after your clients
Be consistent, fair and kind
People will hurt and disappoint you. And that’s ok. That’s their journey. Keep being you.
Keep chipping away and taking the small wins every day. Be relentless.
Be genuine, people will always sense it. Don’t let “business” ruin your personal life! Learn how to ask for help, delegate!
Be TRULY genuine, people will see through the BS.
Care enough to do whatever it takes to make your members better.

One more thing!

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