Cleaning up the Business of Business

Hand overturning FAKE to make FACT - cleaning up fitness business

My favorite thing about the “COVID correction?”

The gurus went away.

A lot of the phony experts disappeared when their gyms went bust.

And when Facebook ads stopped working, the guys selling online courses and ad advice disappeared—for a little while, anyway. Now they’re back, working in sneakier ways than ever before.

I’m very passionate about mentorship. I’ve been writing to you about it because a crisis sends the fake experts scurrying, but they always come back. And they’re starting to crawl out from under their rocks now.

Gym went bankrupt during COVID? No problem—sell business advice!

Facebook marketing course isn’t selling anymore? No problem—license your guru-dom to others and let them copy it!

Can’t keep clients in your gym? Sell a “sales” course!

This kind of thing happens over and over again. And, unfortunately, my favorite people—gym owners—are the targets.

It’s important that you understand this because the gurus and false prophets are back, and they’re desperate now. Their original pitches about Facebook ads and six-week challenges don’t work anymore. So they’re setting up lookalikes, licensing their materials to little clones and making larger promises than ever before. They’re preying on the fear that is everywhere in the fitness industry now.

We’re not those guys (it’s almost always men).

Here are some of the clones:

Fitness Business Mentors: The Gold Standard

I have zero tolerance for bullshit.

That pushed me to build strong filters for everything on the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit—nothing goes on there without absolute proof.

I have even less tolerance for lying or snake-oil salespeople. So to work for Two-Brain, you have to go through a full-fledged certification course. We are the only certifying body for mentors in any field anywhere in the world. Because truth and proof are that important.

Seriously: Outside Two-Brain, business consultants and mentors and gurus pass no course and take no test. No proof of validity is required. We’re the only ones who adhere to a standard.

This filtering effect produces faster results for our clients. And as their businesses grow quickly, the owners learn a ton. And many of them ask to become mentors to other gyms. Sometimes we add to our team. But the filtering process doesn’t end: Last year, we removed five mentors from the roster. Not because they’re bad people but because the bar is damn high.

I love entrepreneurship. I love small business. Fitness businesses are my absolute favorite. Their success could change our world. That’s why I hate the charlatans dumping snake oil into our pristine wilderness. That’s why I’m strict about data and proof. And that’s why I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year filtering “good” ideas.

It’s why I have a mentor and employ mentors.

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