Filling The Media Gap

You need to hit “Publish” more.
When people in your community want to know, “How do I lose weight?” they should immediately think, “I know – I’ll ask Dave!”
I’ve been writing about your need to establish authority for years. We give TwoBrain clients tools to do it: 30-day content challenges, prewritten emails and templates, and even Fill-In-The-Blanks video.
Your business relies on media. If you own a CrossFit gym, and haven’t been publishing content you made yourself, then you’re relying on HQ to do it for you. So far, that’s been working…at least, a little bit. Counting on HQ to make your media is like counting on your clients to tell their friends about you. It’s a beautiful wish. But it’s too passive.
Time to start producing your own. And social media doesn’t count: Facebook and Instagram are distributors of content, not hosts.
Here’s a cue to get you going.
First, ask yourself: am I more comfortable talking in front of a camera; writing a blog post; or recording myself with a microphone?
It doesn’t matter which is best. Pick the one you’ll do.
Second, set a clock for ten minutes. You know how to do that.
Third, start with this sentence:
“My name is _____, and I opened my gym because…”
Then just tell your story.
End before the clock stops. But go ahead and use the full ten minutes if you want.
Then, publish your recording. Publish the FIRST take.
Video: upload to YouTube.
Upload to Facebook.
Upload to Instagram TV.
Blog: publish on your website.
Email to your list.
Audio: Publish to your podcast.
Do NOT try to make this first one perfect. Quantity is still more important than quality. It’s just important to build the habit. Tomorrow, tell another story.
Until today, CrossFit Media has been doing a lot of your job for you. They’re attracting attention to your brand; they’re giving you media to share and replicate and educate. They’re building trust and authority your town, whether you know it or not. What if that all went away? It’s time to take control of the horse pulling your cart.


One more thing!

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