By the Numbers: February 2023 ARM Leaderboard

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What if every client at your gym paid you $205 per month or more?

How would that average revenue per member (ARM) affect your profitability?

Would that solidify your fitness business?

Would it allow you to focus more on the clients you have instead of hunting for more?

Would it improve your life?

The data says yes.

A top 10 leaderboard showing average revenue per member per month for February 2023, from $377 to $812.

Here’s how the people on that list got there:

“We focused on client programming and crafting results as the key to frequency. I’ve really been hammering home the idea that clients show up when they have a strong ‘why’ to be at the gym. I’ve coached the staff on this weekly over the past 3 months.”

“We started tracking the utilization rate weekly and monthly. This is the percentage of sessions serviced compared to the standard. A score of 100% is 2 sessions a week or 8 sessions a month. I created a master document each trainer fills out that is public for all staff so they can see where they fall. No one likes to be in last place, so that has helped. We also use it as a conversation starter during one-on-one staff meetings. I am considering adding a pay bonus for each percentage point over 100 that they hit to drive up the frequency.”

“We have been focusing on the systems in place and creating the ultimate client journey. Basically just following the things I’m learning from Two-Brain. … We are primarily one-on-one personal training with some growing semi-private training. We added small-group training at the beginning of the month and sold out in 9 days. We’re excited!”

“We did a price increase on new members, (and) we have a foundations program. We’re a heavy PT studio and have added group classes. We got rid of our lowest membership option, which was 30-minute sessions. Retention has been great. A lot of the folks who do PT are excited now to do group on the off days. They’ll use group to supplement their training. The group is a cushion for folks who might be struggling financially or who want more accountability. Since joining Two-Brain, we implemented Goal Reviews, anniversary and birthday cards, and events.”

“We are a PT-focused studio. Very personal with our clients. I find that important when hiring people. Two of my coaches were my best clients. When I worked at a big-box gym, I found it very impersonal. Now I make sure clients feel appreciated—e.g., sending flowers, texting them, sending cards. We take a genuine interest in their personal lives as well.”

“We added an onboarding program, then created a 90-day package, then created an ongoing membership option with nutrition built in. A couple coaches have been great about adding on group to existing PT clients (upsell).”

“We opened in November with flat pricing, and we are just sticking to it. We are PT heavy. … $120 for PT in this area is just expensive and bougie. Our group classes are capped at 8 people per class. When people ask why we are so expensive, we explain: ‘You’re in here with a weightlifting coach. All of our trainers are FT and have 10 years’ experience.’ I pull a lot of CrossFit people in here, and when I have them in here, I correct their form. We do a foundations pack of 4 sessions one on one. That way they can go either way (PT or group).”

“We just wrapped up a 60-day weight-loss challenge. We included group training (2 months) but also a 4-session intro. Then they get a nutrition template plan. They kept going after that.”

Your First ARM Target

Wherever your ARM number is at, you can drive it up.

Here’s a solid first target for most gyms: $205.

If you aren’t sure how to reach—and exceed—that number, a mentor can give you an exact plan.


One more thing!

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