Last week, I published one of the longest blog posts I ever have. But I actually cut over half of it before hitting ‘publish’, because I didn’t want it to be a rant.


You’ve heard me talk about recruiting quality clients (instead of trying to attract a large quantity of clients) before. In this episode, I’ll talk about identifying your BEST clients, and how to move them closer to “conversion”–signing up for your service.


This episode won’t be another tome on Facebook marketing, because I don’t think “funnels” are the best way to build the best business in the service industry. Funnels are great for selling online courses, books and monthly makeup subscriptions; they’re NOT great for finding great clients or saving you time.


In this episode:


The three Audiences

“Warm” leads and “cold” leads

The difference between “sales” and “marketing”

Why the best clients don’t come from funnels

How to identify your best clients

Where your NEXT best clients are hiding

How to write a “love letter”

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