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Brian Costello is the owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Long Island.

I met Brian through his work with autistic clients. I flew out to meet him and drove straight from the airport to the wrong gym: at the time, Brian was operating two gyms less than a block apart. Neither was large enough for his client load, so he split his time between the two. The Open was on at the time, and Brian had one gym (nicknamed “The Thunderdome”) set up for the event: he had bleachers, floodlights, and a huge PA system. He streamed the events over a closed circuit, so athletes warming up in one gym could watch their buddies competing in the other. And he did the play-by-play himself.

On November 27, CrossFit Long Island donated some used equipment to an Army Special Forces troop headed to Africa for six months (pictured below.)


Brian is also the former captain of Team USA Lifeguarding, a former State-level wrestler, a competitive weightlifter, and high-level finisher at Regionals (both individual and team.) He’s one of the few CrossFit Level 3 trainers on Long Island. BUT…as Brian will attest, none of those things are as important to his clients as the way he coaches them.

Trained as a teacher, Brian writes “lesson plans” for every single workout, every single day.

Great stuff from this interview:

Brian takes a picture of new clients before their first class. Then he takes another picture after their first class, and asks them to caption it.

“If they start to feel they don’t need you anymore, they’re going to gravitate toward a home gym or ”

Brian models different coaches in different areas. Carl Paoli , Kelly Starrett, and the WodDoc.

He runs coaches’ meetings every Monday morning when possible, but sends videos and emails almost daily with followup questions.

“The key to being the best coach in town isn’t necessarily understanding the movements or cuing the movements as much as creating an experience for the client.”

“I used to think people wanted to just warm up on their own and hang out. But when I put my foot down and started planning everything, that’s when they started bringing their friends.”

Brian offers some great advice for new affiliates AND veteran affiliates. He’s focused on education, obviously, but his experience is very deep. His “Enhancing Client Experience” video seminar is coming soon.

Brian ends by listing his two biggest mistakes as a gym owner. DON’T miss these!

Starting today and running for the next week, TwoBrainRadio is going to give you some really valuable FREE materials, starting with Brian Costello’s Fall 2014 programming (3 FULL MONTHS!) and a week’s worth of daily lesson plans. Amazing stuff, and very valuable to any gym owner or coach.


Programming Spreadsheet – Fall 2014

Sample Lesson Plan – Monday 10.6.2014

Sample Daily Lesson Plan – Tuesday 10.7.2014

Sample Lesson Plan – Wednesday 10.8.2014

Sample Lesson Plan – Thursday 10.9.2014

Sample Lesson Plan – Friday 10.10.2014

Recorded Friday, October 23, 2015.