I get a LOT of questions.


Sometimes it’s from people who read my books. Sometimes it’s people who watch our videos on YouTube or Instagram. Sometimes it’s people who get an email from me–almost daily, lately.


Sometimes it’s from people listening to this podcast. If that’s you, thank you. Sometimes it’s even people who hear an idea on another podcast, or another website, or even the CrossFit Journal, trace it to the source, and find me that way. To those people, my deepest thanks for the extra work.


I’ve said before that some of my OLDER content is outdated. There are parts of Two-Brain Business that weren’t there in 2012, and there were parts in the original that are no longer in the new edition. New books are coming. And every few months, I’m tempted to pull Two-Brain Business–the bestselling fitness business book of all time–from the shelves, because things change.


Instead, I record this “Ask Coop” episode every year or so as an update.


The first question is one from a listener who pegged me on something I said a few months ago: that I see a polarization happening in the microgym community.


The second one is from a reader who pegged me even HARDER on the subject of seminars and online courses and mentorship.


I’m brutally honest in both questions, even though they might get me into trouble.


With those out of the way, I get into the BIG stuff:


  • Where should affiliates concentrate their marketing?
  • How do you create SO MUCH content?
  • Why do you shoot your videos in that other building? WHere’s your gym?
  • How do I work with sports teams?
  • I have a big idea–how do I promote it to the CF Community?
  • Do you display your workouts on your site?
  • Why does your site have so many membership options?
  • How do I know when to hire a GM?
  • How Do You choose Mentors for TwoBrain?


I get enough emails that I could literally do a Q+A on EVERY episode. But I like to connect you with big thinkers and big ideas instead of repeating myself all the time.


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