It’s 8am in Rochester, NY. Brian Lelli sits and waits for the moving van to arrive at his house.

On Thursday, Brian said goodbye to his CrossFit community. He’s moving his young family to Florida and leaving his gym in the capable hands of his GM.

I talk a LOT on this podcast about the ability to walk away from your business for days, weeks or months. Maybe you just need a few hours each day to work ON the business instead of IN the business. Or maybe you’re like me, and have other businesses to group. Maybe you just need a damn nap. Brian is an outlier, running his gym completely remotely. But his experience shows us what’s REALLY possible.

The people who I want to talk to on this podcast are the gym owners pushing the limits. The guy netting a million dollars is interesting. So is the guy who can leave his gym, move five states away, still own it, and still make a profit.

Listen and play close attention to the infrastructure and systems Brian discusses to run his box smooth and efficiently – they’re the SAME systems, with the same feedback loop, you’ll need to take ANY time off from your business.

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In this Interview:

Which systems are necessary for a gym to run independently
How much communication is necessary when running a gym from afar
How to grow staff from low levels of responsibility to FULL responsibility
The icon problem with small business owners, and how to beat it


How much money will Brian be making while working remotely
Key characteristics of a general manager
Implementing feedback loops and accountability amongst staff

About Brian:

Brian first got into fitness back in college while at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he started a weightlifting club with some friends. This was Brian’s first chance to learn coaching from others. For the next decade Brian trained and competed as a power lifter until in 2011 he decided to create a better healthier body for himself. At first a CrossFit denier, he quickly found his home training CrossFit and opened his own box in his garage. Brian is super helpful and a very experienced coach who is always available for questions!


3:29 – Brian Lelli Introduction
5:11 – Brian’s story of how he got into CrossFit
7:34 – Does training or working at another CrossFit gym help before starting your own?
8:39 – Moving to Florida and leaving the CrossFit gym behind independently
11:47 – What systems are necessary for a gym to run independently
13:52 – Implementing feedback loops and accountability within a CrossFit gym
15:02 – How much communication is necessary when running a gym from afar?
16:37 – When hiring someone what to look for first
17:36 – More on the key characteristics of a general manager
20:26 – The advantages of having a hard date set for accomplishing your goal
21:03 – How can other gyms be run independently through a proficient general manager
22:23 – The role of a joy girl in a CrossFit gym
24:24 – Adding more and more roles to the general manager position
25:27 – How much decision-making power does the general manager have?
26:35 – Announcing a large change to members of your gym
28:51 – The icon problem with small business owners
30:18 – How will Brian be spending his extra time in Florida?
31:50 – Will Brian’s box still be profitable while he is away and how much will he be making?

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