Episode 65 – Mindset

I am always fascinated by the mechanics and emotions of the entrepreneurial brain. There are a lot of highs and lows that you need to buffer against.  I am also really into the tools that we can use to be better at it by avoiding shiny objects; dealing with stressors, lawsuits, copy cats; how we can meet people with confidence; and avoid feeling like a salesman. Instead of just one guest, we have four for this episode!

We talk to Sherman Merricks of CrossFit Dynasty, Tommy Hackebruck of Ute CrossFit, Craig Hysell of Conviction Training, and Josh Price of Loco CrossFit all about the entrepreneurial mindset and the tools and skills they use keep their eyes on the prize, keep from being derailed, and avoid stress.   Join us for this action packed interview and be sure to take notes!

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In this Interview:

  • The importance of Focus and its role in the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Why you should have an emotional reason to succeed
  • Moving on from anger and focusing on what you can control


  • When to bypass diplomacy and put your foot down
  • Achieving success by avoiding cognitive overload
  • The importance of discipline for the entrepreneurial mindset
  • What IS success?

Today’s Guests:

Sherman Merricks of Dynasty CrossFit


Tommy Hackenbruck of Ute CrossFit


Craig Hysell of Conviction Training


Josh Price of Loco CrossFit



1:31 – An introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset

4:24 – The first component of the entrepreneurial mindset is focus

6:46 – How to deal with too many opportunities to choose from

7:39 – Having an emotional reason to succeed

9:07 – Sherman Merricks on setting goals and staying focused

10:31 – An example of an emotional goal to keep you on track and keep you motivated

12:45 – What to do next after hitting an emotional goal?

13:52 – Achieving success with cognitive overload

15:34 – Learning to focus on what’s important the hard way

18:08 – Tommy Hackebruck on focus and obsession despite the circumstances

20:24 – Channeling the inherit skill of focus in the right direction

23:02 – The importance of discipline for the entrepreneurial mindset

26:44 – Dealing with the extraordinary stress of copiers

31:38 – Being pissed for five minutes and then moving on

34:59 – Spending $170,000 training coaches before learning how to filter

36:18 – Josh Price of Loco CrossFit introduction

40:37 – Is help more powerful than anger?

44:11 – A practical way to get into a steady mindset from a state of anger

47:43 – The art of practicing not to be your first thought

48:39 – Having success is necessary for motivation

51:22 – Can motivation occur after being discouraged?

52:24 – Flipping the tables on success

56:46 – Being at rock bottom is a huge advantage

57:51 – The romantic notion of the entrepreneurial grind is false

58:27 – Craig Hysell on how people should define success in the CrossFit industry

59:53 – What are the steps to determine what success is

62:01 – Ineffective leadership by asking the wrong questions

64:04 – When to bypass diplomacy and put your foot down.

65:10 – The best favor you can do for people is to tell them what you want them to do

70:14 – How to choose which ideas to focus on as an entrepreneur

72:44 – The process of saying hell yes or no

Books mentioned during this episode:

Extreme Ownership – U.S. Navy Seals by Jocko Willink

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

The Go Giver by Bob Burg

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

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