Episode 64 – Training Think Tank


Sometimes I invite a guest on the show because they are nowhere near as popular as they should be. This is the case with today’s guest, Max El-Hag. You will hear a lot of humility from Max in this episode but don’t mistake it as he has profound knowledge of the fitness industry. In this episode we talk about his company, Training Think Tank and how it is helping athletes of all sports connect with coaches who are able to advise and train them to the highest abilities. We talk strategy, methodology, and more related to his business and life!


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In this Interview:


  • What are the first steps to creating an online training program
  • Testing Philosophy with remote clients
  • Do athletes need an individual mindset to be successful?




  • Finding the right balance with the commoditization of intensity
  • The one message all CrossFit gyms need to hear
  • Building nutrition into remote training programs


About Max:


Max has had a long career as an athlete first being inspired by his father who was an Olympic fighter. After qualifying for the CrossFit games both as a team and making it to regionals as an individual, Max decided that coaching is what truly inspired him. At this point Max coached many clients from models and future NFL stars to ultra-runners and CrossFit athletes. He now runs Training Think Tank, a company that focuses on remote coaching, educational courses, and online programs for athletes and coaches.




0:58 – Training Think Tank introduction  

2:41 – The lead up to Training Think Tank with Max

4:52 – Finding CrossFit for the first time

8:05 – Starting out as a personal training prior to CrossFit

9:18 – CrossFit principles mixing into training for fighters

11:10 – How Training Think Tank has grown to where it is today

14:07 – Training Think Tank from a global perspective in today’s world

16:45 – What are the first steps to starting an online training program?

19:09 – Tools needed to start a remote coaching program

20:30 – Testing Philosophy with remote clients according to their goals

23:56 – How often should you be retesting clients on their progress?  

25:27 – Building nutrition into a remote training program

28:18 – Keeping workouts nontraditional leading up to the CrossFit Games

32:41 – Different training programs for games athlete’s vs non games athletes

37:00 – Finding the right balance with the commoditization of intensity

41:00 – The top solutions gym owners take away from Max’s program

45:03 – Recommending group training to individual clients

46:20 – Do games athletes have to have an individual mindset to be successful

47:50 – Firing individual clients when it’s not working out

49:43 – Keeping clients compliant with the program

51:06 – Giving athletes a win when you know they are down

54:49 – Creating a template for your clients leading up to the CrossFit Open

56:10 – Establishing a format of training for your gym

59:18 – Where should a client look to do individual training in a group training gym?

61:03 – How to implement a culture of one on one training in your gym

63:16 – The one message all CrossFit gyms need to hear


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