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78% of new clients at Catalyst (my gym) in 2016 listed an aesthetic goal as their top priority.

“Fat burning” trumped “performance”. “Fat loss” beat “strength”. No one said, “I want to move better”, keeping my 21-year-streak alive.

If your clients want to look like bodybuilders, why NOT incorporate some bodybuilding movement into your programming?

The line between “functional movement” and “bodybuilding” has never been a clear one. What makes a biceps curl non-functional? What makes a bench press un-CrossFit?

No one is adding mirrors to CrossFit gyms here. But would adding a hypertrophy element to your programming address what people actually WANT when they come to your gym? Food for thought.

Most guys who walk in your door don’t want a better “Fran” time. They just want to look like Bill.

Bill Shiffler is the founder of CrossFit Renaissance, of Philadelphia. He’s a professional bodybuilder, and today’ he’ll answer questions about combining physique-specific work with CrossFit.

Bill’s program is Renaissance Physique. Today we dive into all sorts of topics about this program, how it works, and how you can start implementing the program at your gym.

Check out this two-week starter template for more information on how it works.

In this Interview:

  • What is Renaissance Physique and Hyper Metabolic Training?
  • Hypertrophy and its relation to CrossFit
  • Getting bigger and building size with CrossFit


  • How to calculate a client’s basic metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Endurance athletes and CrossFit
  • Determining a safe rate of weight loss


About Bill:

Bill is the founder of CrossFit Renaissance and Renaissance Physique. Prior to CrossFit, Bill was a wrestler and body builder.  He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), Level 2 CrossFit trainer, and natural pro bodybuilder. He is passionate about helping people reach their goals whatever they may be. His new program Renaissance Physique uses HMT (Hyper Metabolic Training). This program is based on cutting edge and science based techniques to maximize both hypertrophy and superior metabolic conditioning delivering maximum results.


1:31 – Bill Shiffler Introduction

2:32 – Renaissance Physique Introduction

4:25 – Bill Shiffler’s background and start with CrossFit and Body Building

6:52 – The Renaissance Physique training methodology

7:26 – Who is Renaissance Physique for?

8:18 – What is Renaissance Physique?

11:34 – Hypertrophy and its relation to CrossFit

13:11 – Getting bigger and building size while doing CrossFit

14:50 – Specific movement focus for someone wanting to gain weight with CrossFit  

16:14 – How many reps should you be doing to build mass?

17:32 – Volume is key with hypertrophy training

17:53 – Preventing accidental weight gain

19:40 –  Showing a desired physique picture during a consultation

21:29 – Addressing body aesthetic through nutrition

22:46 – Calculating a client’s BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)

23:18 – Determining a safe rate of weight loss

24:00 – Setting up a client’s macronutrient partition

25:44 – Customizing a client’s nutrition and training program

26:41 – Why choose Renaissance Physique over pure CrossFit

27:41 – Why recommend pure CrossFit for a client over Renaissance Physique

29:16 – Hypertrophy based classes as a group

30:24 – Delivering Renaissance Physique to a client

33:13 – Focusing on body aesthetic after the CrossFit Open

34:30 – Marrying CrossFit Physique with bodybuilding

36:00 – Using the two week CrossFit Physique template for male and female clients

37:48 – Would hypertrophy and CrossFit be good for endurance athletes?

41:27 – Where to reach Bill

Contact Bill: