Why I Started Reading “Tools For Titans” – And Why I Stopped

I love Tim Ferriss. There, I said it.

I love his podcast. “The Four-Hour Workweek” got me looking for ways to increase the value of my time. So I was really, really excited to get his book.

300 pages in, I still loved it. But I put it on the shelf. The interviews, commonalities and stories were good. But I wasn’t taking action on ANY of it.

“Knowledge without action makes you a fool. Knowledge with action makes you successful.” – Jim Rohn

It’s easy to become trapped in a web of great ideas. But as coaches, we know that our clients don’t need more IDEAS. They need more action.

They don’t need another “ripped abs” program from a magazine. They need to get protein at each meal. Starting today.

My clients (gym owners) don’t need to choose between FitAid and Kill Cliff. They need to write down how they run a CrossFit class. Today.

You probably don’t need more ideas. In fact, if you listened to the 2016 episode, and didn’t take action on any of those ideas, stop listening now and go write contracts for your coaches. Take action.

If, though, I haven’t talked you out of listening to this episode, then press “Play”.


2:49 – The Prescriptive Model 

7:48 – Who can we coach?

13:16 – Corporate opportunities for CrossFit

17:23 – The Pre-OnRamp Program

24:26 – The Challenge Mindset

26:18 – SobrietyWOD

27:50 – Gym “hubs” to develop coaches and services

31:03 – Cobranding and helping other gym owners

34:26 – Gamification       

37:31 – Overarching expertise 

40:44 – The subscription model within healthcare

I struggled with recording this one. Last year’s episode was a very popular one (and a watershed moment for some listeners, who DID take action and saw some huge results.)

Many of the ideas that appear on this podcast are quickly copied and redistributed as fresh catch from other fishmongers. As a writer (albeit amateur) this really grates on me. As the founder of the largest mentoring practice in the fitness industry, it stirs up my legal soup.

BUT as a gym owner who was once struggling to pay himself, I know that one idea can mean the difference between buying groceries and going hungry. That’s why I’m going to keep this podcast going for another year.

It’s also the reason most of the content on the TwoBrainBusiness.com site has direct, actionable steps. Ideas are a beautiful web; but they’re so sticky that we’re sometimes caught.

It’s easy to get caught in a web of consumption.

The Incubator is all about ACTION. Most gym owners who do our free consultation have lots of ideas; they don’t know Step 1. That’s the Incubator. Clear, step-by-step instructions and mentorship to get their business MOVING.

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