Last year, Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition  was my guest. She was launching a program to help gym owners add a nutrition component in their gym with minimal work. Nicole, a Registered Dietitian, teaches staff how to run the program, provides the gym with templates to use (for challenges, restaurant partnerships, and even corporate groups) and mentors the coaches running the program. It’s an amazing value, and a year later, she has dozens of affiliate gyms.

NOW she’s opening a CrossFit affiliate, and with a blank slate, she’s making nutrition a key component to her service offering.

Adding a nutrition component in my gyms has done more than increase revenue. It’s given us a new perspective on value, and what a fitness prescription should include. It’s also opened the door to a larger stream of clientele than exercise has alone, because most people seeking weight loss will try a “diet” long before they’ll try exercise.

In this episode, you’ll:

Learn about how to set up a nutrition program at any CrossFit gym

Generate additional revenue totaling into the thousands of dollars annually

Add a critical piece to your coaching practice.

What we cover:

  • The foundations of a solid nutrition program
  • The prescriptive models relation to nutrition
  • Hydration’s role in weight loss and performance
  • Lifestyle changes for the long term


  • Is Coffee okay to drink regularly?
  • How to avoid the drive through and learn to prep food
  • Pre and Post workout nutrition
  • First steps to starting a nutrition plan

About Nicole:

Nicole is the founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition. She realized at a young age how important nutrition was when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. She attended the University of Florida and was part of the cheerleading team. It was during this time that she realized nutrition was a field she wanted to pursue long term. She has worked in the nutrition and fitness business for over 10 years helping thousands of clients around the world. Her program is currently run at over 40 CrossFit gyms worldwide where she helps empower people to make healthy lifestyle changes.


1:30 – Nicole Aucoin Introduction

4:20 – Nicole’s background and how she became a dietician and got started with CrossFit

7:22 – The foundations of a solid nutrition program

9:30 – Accountability and consistency within a nutrition program

12:00 – The prescriptive model and its relation to nutrition

12:36 – Introducing nutrition to your CrossFit box members

15:12 – The Sugar Shocker. How much sugar is in your food?

15:43 – Hydrations role in weight loss and performance

16:24 – Is coffee okay? Well it depends.

16:54 – Lifestyle Changes for the long-term

17:32 – Avoiding the drive through and prepping food

18:19 – Tools for continued nutrition success

18:46 – Supplementing your nutrition

19:07 – Pre and Post workout nutrition

20:24 – Testing, working a plan, and coaching nutrition development

23:17 – Creating a challenge for your clients and tracking fairly

25:31 – Ongoing coaching and long-term nutrition for corporate clients

31:40 – Legality and what can a dietician and nutritionist legally advise

33:46 – First steps to starting a nutrition program

35:49 – The procedure for starting a new nutrition program

39:11 – How to work with a restaurant on nutrition

41:30 – First steps to take to become a nutrition expert

NOTE: In the last six minutes of this interview, a pesky little echo appears (I shouldn’t have taken out my earphones – whoopsie.) My artistic sense said, “Cut this section out” but it’s SO valuable that I left it in. My apologies.

42:38 – Common challenges to starting a nutrition program at their gym

43:48 – How to local with a local dietician or nutritionist

45:18 – Starting a CrossFit gym with a blank slate

48:56 – How to reach Nicole


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