Kyle Posey, founder of Powered by Awesome, joins us on the show today. His company specializes in lead generation and marketing for micro gyms. I met him in Atlanta at an affiliate summit a few weeks ago where we had a chance to chat. He is an all-around great guy and truly believes in helping others first.

A quick side note: The day after I did this interview I was on a free call with an affiliate. At the end of the call he told me that Kyle had referred him to me. This is the kind of guy that Kyle is.

Always helping and putting others first!

In this Interview:

  • What you’re doing to sabotage your business
  • How to get out of your own way
  • How to generate more leads


  • Are CrossFit gyms learning marketing faster than most?
  • The romanticization (I made that word up) of the “hustle”.
  • Where do hot leads come from
  • Analysis of the CrossFit brand

About Kyle:

Kyle is the CEO and founder of Powered by Awesome, a lead generation and marketing company. They specialize in creating websites for CrossFit affiliates across the world. Powered by Awesome has been around since there were fewer than 60 gyms worldwide and they have been creating cutting edge websites for over 12 years. The company loves fitness and community and this is the driving factor behind creating websites that will actually help your business do better!


0:17 – Kyle Posey Introduction

1:58 – How Kyle got started in CrossFit

4:13 – Dissecting the skull and crossbones logo

6:09 – These things used to work in CrossFit but not anymore

7:32 – Why is CrossFit trending in a new direction for marketing

8:24 – Are CrossFit gyms learning marketing faster than most?

10:43 – You don’t know how valuable your service and brand is

13:19 – The romanticisation of the “hustle”.

14:30 – Stop acting like a salesman

18:07 – Getting more people into your box

21:11 – What makes a website convert more customers

27:48 – The difference between hot leads and cold leads

29:33 – How to approach hot vs cold leads

31:06 – Where do hot leads come from

36:17 – How to find more people like your top members

38:18 – Creating a more general gym experience

39:38 – Motivating best clients to refer more clients

40:51 – The dogma about marketing

43:34 – Analyzing the CrossFit brand

45:49 – Screen time vs face time and marketing

47:58 – First steps to refining your marketing approach

50:07 – Ask your clients what their favorite thing is about the gym

51:58 – The importance of an outside expert

52:18 – How to reach Kyle and Powered by Awesome

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