Matt Albrizio and Bruno Guevremont – Retail Rehab

I hate retail! Until recently,that is. My guests today are both experts in helping give clients what they want while also saving a lot of time for affiliate owners.  Our first guest is Matt Albrizio of Forever Fierce. He has completely changed the way affiliate owners buy shirts and he provides some great insight on inventory management and how to handle retail sales. Our second guest is Bruno Guevremont, founder of CrossFit Stasis in Victoria and Syndicate Gear.  Bruno is an affiliate owner first and foremost but his company, Syndicate Gear, is a great distributor for smaller retail items.

In this Interview:

  • Learn the top mistakes made in gym retail
  • How to get your retail store running with a pre order
  • The problem with too many retail choices
  • Learn what to stock right now for the holiday season
  • Learn what margins you should be hitting
  • The top small gear items you should be offering
  • The best gear for new CrossFitters

About Matt Albrizio:

Matt Albrizio is the vice president of sales at Forever Fierce. Matt is passionate about working alongside other small businesses. He focuses on working with CrossFit owners to maximize their revenue by selling original and branded apparel. His clients have made thousands of extra dollar by implementing his strategies

Bonuses from Matt:

Sample Preorder Template:

Template Guide:

Preorder Calendar:

TWOBRAIN Mentoring clients get a FULL course on setting up their retail operation in the Incubation Phase of mentoring.

About Bruno:

Bruno was introduced to CrossFit in early 2008 through several friends. He was instantly hooked and soon launched his own gym CrossFit Stasis. Sensing the need for a reliable equipment distributor, Bruno launched Syndicate Gear with the help of one of his gym members. Bruno’s real passion comes from helping his students find that spark inside them and that gets them fired up.

Bonuses from Bruno:

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0:17 I Hate Retail

4:11 Matt Albrizio Introduction

5:25 Top Problems with Retail Operations

7:45 Clients Perspective on Pre Orders

10:30 New Ideas for CrossFit Retail

12:30 A Retail Horror Story

15:41 Too Many Retail Styles

18:24 What to Stock Right Now

19:44 Minimum Margins for Soft Goods

21:48 Coach’s Shirts

23:30 Optimizing Retail for Christmas

28:27 Bruno Introduction

29:18 Bruno’s Story

31:15 Common Problems with Inventory

33:11 Top Syndicate Goods

35:33 Recommended Gear for New CrossFitters

36:27 The Syndicate Sample Box

40:39 Conclusion

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