This is an encore performance of TwoBrain Radio.

Here’s why: every week or so, we host a private webinar for those in the TwoBrain mentoring group. This week, we’re talking with a Facebook Conversions Expert, for example. Members of the TwoBrain family can watch his how-to, ask questions, and build their retargeting campaigns at home.

Many of these private webinars are later released as podcast episodes. But some–like today’s–have a huge visual component, because we’re showing actionable steps instead of just talking about Facebook advertising. Some are very high-level, and require the level of business fluency we teach in the Incubator program.

Jeff will be at the TwoBrain Summit in June. Come and meet him!

Jeff Burlingame is owner of Friction CrossFit in MI. But he spent most of his career managing GloboGyms, where he taught staff how to do more Personal Training business. At one point, he had 160 trainers working under him.

Jeff studied sales techniques for a decade, but after reading “Help First”, he realized the best path was to simply help his clients by recommending the best option for them. Now he combines an objection-based approach with the TwoBrain “No-Sweat Intro” and the results are staggering: he’s already hit 250% of his 2015 revenue in 2016, and he still has a month to go.

Jeff mentions his “WhyNot” sheet, and walks through each question in the podcast. He’s sharing the sheet with TwoBrain mentoring clients for free.

In this Interview:

  • Jeff’s CrossFit story
  • Learn how to sell more personal training sessions at your box
  • Different types of personal training sessions and how to tailor these to your clients
  • Breakdown of a proper client assessment and needs analysis
  • Jeff’s “WhyNot List” is covered in depth


  • Balancing family and business
  • Selling Treadmills and badmouthing CrossFit
  • Birth of Friction CrossFit

About Jeff Burlingame:

Jeff Burlingame started out playing Rugby at Michigan State where he received his B.S. in Exercise Science and Fitness Leadership. Wanting to continue with sports and athletics, he became a sales director and personal trainer director for many leading gyms throughout the country.

As Jeff’s career advanced and time spent at home with the family became less and less, he was ready for a change.  It was at this time that he decided to open Friction CrossFit. Through many ups and downs Friction CrossFit is now a successful CrossFit affiliate based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jeff’s Why Not List, for overcoming rejection from new clients is available to members of the Two-Brain Business Family exclusively. Be sure to check it out!

Remember to fill out the 2016 affiliate survey. This important survey allows us to better serve affiliates and also allows some time for reflection on where your business has been and where it is headed.


1:32   Jeff Burlingame Introduction

3:14 The Jeff Burlingame Story

4:40 First Personal Training Experience

7:28 Finding CrossFit

11:05 Opening a CrossFit Gym

16:26 Full Time to Friction CrossFit

18:32 How to Sell Personal Training

25:35 Creating New Clients

29:48 Which Training Program Is Right

32:43 Client Body Analysis

35:33 Proper Client Needs Assessment

43:50 Why is Personal Training Important?

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