On this episode, I provide an excerpt from my book Help First: Sell Less, Profit More. (here it is on Audible.)

Content marketing is a critical skill for gym owners (and anyone in the service industry.) If you’re using the CrossFit brand, it’s especially important.

HQ has done a fantastic job of making your audience aware of CrossFit. That’s their responsibility. Bridging the gap between “What’s CrossFit?” and “Here’s how CrossFit is going to solve YOUR problem, Mr. Jones” is your responsibility. Content creation fills that gap.

I introduce the episode with a few examples of the content I use on my Catalystgym site; mention a few others in this space, and why we believe the authority of non-experts; and then give you a 30-Day Challenge that you can use with your coaches. The Challenge will generate momentum in your community, push people who are “on the fence” toward your service, and help your coaches share their expertise.

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The biggest takeaway: content doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start publishing.

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