If you’re a Gym owner, where do you turn to get help?

John Manser, from CrossFit Dynamo in Atlanta, GA is my guest today. But you probably know him from the Affiliate Owners’ Group, the largest gathering of gym owners on Facebook.  John is an experienced CrossFitter and has a long sports career including collegiate tennis and a being a sponsored triathlete. He is a certified level 2 coach, has extensive programming experience and has been noticed by the Garage Games for his plans.

John got in to CrossFit and wanted to start a box but knew he could not afford to fail. He went online to solicit advice from others on Facebook and get advice from current box owners. From this, the Affiliate Owners Group (AOG) was formed. John talks about how the group was formed and how it grew from its humble beginnings in Atlanta, GA.

In today’s episode we cover topics such as how the AOG was formed, the most popular questions/topics on the AOG, and the future of the AOG. We also cover an important topic, the Abundance Mindset. John defines this as, “The Giving of your skills to the people that need them around you, without necessarily expecting anything in return”. This is truly what the AOG is all about. For John, there truly is nothing in it for him besides helping other affiliates.

Be sure to send John an email and thank him for all his hard work he and other admins do at the AOG!


3:06 John Manser Introduction

3:55 Trying CrossFit for the First Time

5:05 Getting CrossFit Advice Online

8:50 Creation of the Affiliate Owners Group

12:05 Recurring CrossFit Questions

15:07 Recruiting the First Moderators of AOG

18:30 Dealing with Leadership Problems

20:24 The Abundance Mindset

21:41 Managing Expectations

24:49 Why AOG is so Popular?

26:12 Guidelines of the AOG

28:56 Best Lessons from the AOG

30:53 Lessons That Did Not Work

32:52 Deleting Comments on the AOG

34:31 More Best Lessons from the AOG

35:21 Most Important Posts to Read (How to Find Customers)

37:48 Avoiding Problems Other Owners

39:02 What is the Future of the AOG

42:26 The Upside of the AOG

Contact John:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/319154731484810/ (Affiliate Owners Group)






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