Josh Trahan from CrossFit Breaux Bridge in Louisiana joins us today. Josh is a military veteran, level 3 certified trainer, and successful CrossFit affiliate. Although accomplished and successful this was not always the case for Josh. He is a recovering alcoholic and drug user of four years. A problem that soon began after leaving the Marine Corps.


Josh’s love for working out stems from his high school football days. He was always strong and enjoyed helping others train. After high school he was still looking for a competitive spark so he joined the Marine Corps and served through several deployments in Iraq. After serving Josh began to struggle greatly with alcohol and drug use causing weight gain and general unhappiness.


After a disastrous series of events, Josh moved to Georgia and embarked on his road to recovery. Josh was living in a halfway house and working at McDonalds where he would walk to work 8 miles each day. It was at this moment that he began intently focusing on CrossFit and initially recruited his roommates train with.


After continued hard work Josh set out to become a CrossFit trainer and open his own box. He worked at local affiliates and learned as much as possible about box management and training techniques. Josh then completed his certification and opened his own successful box.


Josh enjoys competing in CrossFit but most of all he enjoys bringing CrossFit to the general public. Listen today and learn how Josh pulled himself out of addiction and how he is helping others do the same today with Sobriety WOD.





1:25 Josh Trahan Introduction

2:42 Josh’s Beginnings

4:41 Joining the Marine Corps

7:30 Life After the Marines

12:59 Hitting Rock Bottom

17:55 The Last Drink

25:50 Honest Appraisal of Self

28:15 First CrossFit Workout

31:58 CrossFit and Sobriety

39:14 What is the Point of Fitness

49:12 How CrossFit Sobriety Works

54:09 Succeeding with CrossFit and Sobriety

57:28 Segmented Training

1:00:55 Tracking CrossFit Sobriety Progress

1:07:04 CrossFit Sobriety Seminar

1:11:15 The Value in Service





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