episode-46Robin and Aaron Maier of Stone Brook Strength and Conditioning join us today. They founded CrossFit Regina and operated it from 2007 until 2013. Since moving back to Manitoba, they have gotten the CrossFit itch again and have started CrossFit in their own basement. Learn how they started over and what they are doing differently at Stone Brook Strength. Robin started CrossFit in 2007 as a New Year’s resolution and it has since became a way of life. She enjoys how the workouts are functionaland that they relate to making you stronger and fitter for real life. She enjoys working with people and helping them reach their goals. Aaron started CrossFit in 2004 and began with his own homemade equipment. In 2007, he coerced his wife to start. They built a business from their garage to a huge gym. Then, in 2013, they sold their share and started over in Manitoba. In this episode, we’ll talk about their journey, what they’re doing differently this time, and what they’ve learned.


1:52 Getting Started in Fitness

5:46 Where to Obtain First Clients

8:29 A Typical Day for a New Gym

9:10 Where to Spend Your Time

10:11 Adding a Partner to The Business

11:12 Leaving the Business Behind

12:18 The Last Straw

13:14 Selling a CrossFit Business

14:20 Getting Started Again

15:35 Working towards Critical Mass

18:26 Opening Up a New Location

21:32 What to Do Different

24:38 Diversifying Revenue Streams

27:20 Change in Mindset at New Location

30:12 Local CrossFit Competition

32:52 Starting from Scratch

33:46 How to Maintain a Happy Life










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