Lon Kilgore, from the Kilgore Academy, joins us today. Lon has a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Physiology and is an accomplished weightlifting and athletic coach. You can read his full CV, including his published research, here. He has competed in powerlifting, the first CrossFit Total event, wrestling, and rowing. In addition to this, he is the developer of the Basic Barbell Training and Exercise Science specialty seminars for CrossFit. He is a military veteran, and currently runs the Kilgore Academy.

Lon has authored many bestselling books including Starting Strength, Fit, Practical Programming for Strength Training, and Anatomy Without a Scalpel. Today’s episode is focused heavily on education for coaches.

We spoke with Lon for two hours on this episode! We talk about where the best education in fitness can be found, how do you do it, and where do you learn. We also talk about certifications, the Kilgore Academy, and more!

The second hour of the episode covers a discussion of Academic versus Commercial training for Fitness instructors. In this hour we discuss the pros and cons of both and Lon’s experience in each track.



11:06 Getting Started in Fitness

19:20 Practical Programming

28:07 Academia vs Practice

32:49 Applied Fitness Research

40:53 Publishing Fitness Papers

(I referred to Conjectural Fatigue: High-Repetition Weightlifting by Lon Kilgore) and this cartoon):


45:53 Good Research vs Bad Research

51:04 The Most Up to Date Science

54:13 Fitness Advice Red Flags

56:34 Placebo Effects of Training

60:09 Experimenting on Clients

63:37 Kilgore Academy Online Courses

67:02 Academic vs. Commercial Training

72:21 When to Pursue Academic Education

74:24 Starting a Fitness Career

84:08 Technology’s Role in Education

89:01 More on the Kilgore Academy

100:28 Replacing Academic Education

103:00 Lon’s Creative Side

110:49 Never Stop Learning

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