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What were the “Glory Days” of CrossFit?

We all have a picture – probably seen through an amber lens – of a dusty ranch and a rusty peanut roaster. Or, if you were lucky, a memory of an early Level 1 seminar.

Every day is someone’s “glory days” in CrossFit. And YOURS is probably still to come. The best gyms face a massive opportunity in the next few years, according to most of my guests:

  • Eric Leclair, of Team CrossFit Academy, competitor at the 2007 Games
  • Josh Murphy, President of the CrossFit Foundation (and 2003 message board moderator, before keyboards!)
  • Jay Rhodes, two-time Games competitor and owner of Outlaw CrossFit North
  • Matthieu Dubreucq, perennial Regionals competitor and owner of CrossFit Laval
  • Bob Boshoven, two-time Games competitor and box owner

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