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The TwoBrain Summit ended yesterday. It was JAMMED with great conversation, some excellent presentations and amazing food. We might have lifted a few weights, too.

Our goal at TwoBrain Business is to ask bigger, better questions, and create an entirely new paradigm for gym owners and coaches. Why DON’T average gyms gross in the millions and net in the hundreds of thousands? Why is a coach who makes $100,000 per year something to brag about, when it should be the norm?

More importantly, what does it take to be HAPPY?

Ribs are part of the answer, as we found out. So is comradeship with our peers: the best and brightest in the industry, brought together over coffee and barbells, in a supportive environment.

Yes, we talked about new possibilities in Facebook marketing. But we also talked about industry tipping points, huge opportunities that dwarf most gyms’ perspective, and the bright shiny future the best gyms will enjoy.

These are tiny keyhole insights into the weekend. I hope they help. This weekend I’ll be doing the same thing at the Games.

Recorded from July 15-19, 2016.