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Jason Brown is the owner of CrossFit 781 and the brain behind He also appeared in Episode 27: Meet The Browns with his wife, Dani.

0:00 – Jason’s story and background with football, Westside and CrossFit

10:00 – Jason talks about incorporating a Conjugate programming style into a CrossFit gym

15:00 – Jason walks through a typical week of Conjugate programming at his affiliate, CrossFit 781

19:40 – Missing from most group classes: work:rest ratios

22:35 – Missing from most boxes: box squats

25:00 – Jason mentions Louie Simmons’ podcast

27:55 – We talk about some of Jason’s work for the UpCoach Program (he’s a frequent contributor)

30:15 – Jason talks about using bands for weightlifting (free video below)

32:30 – Missing from most boxes: the floor press

33:10 – the cognitive bias limiting most programming: “I haven’t done it”

35:00 – Reverse Hypers and GHRs

38:50 – What most boxes can cut from their equipment budget

41:30 – Missing from most boxes: unilateral work

45:10 – How to get people to show up for repetitive work

49:50 – How works

55:00 – Finding the balance between fun and focus in the gym

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Recorded on July 5, 2016.