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Ken Andrukow is a TwoBrain Mentor and owner of Reebok CrossFit Ramsay.

Ken charges one of his clients over $2000 per month. He’s working on a deal with a major hotel chain that

His secret? Ken asks his clients how he can help them.

As I wrote in “Help First“, it sounds almost too simple. But identifying opportunities doesn’t come naturally to most first-time entrepreneurs. We teach and reinforce the practice in our mentoring program, but Ken’s been doing it for a LONG time.

In this two-part episode, Ken talks about:

  • How to identify opportunities to work with corporations
  • What corporate clients actually WANT from you
  • What the first conversation with a busy CEO looks like
  • Setting up a “corporate challenge”
  • Different ways Ken delivers service to a local hotel chain
  • The app we’re developing can be seen in beta here. We’ll be partnering with TwoBrain gyms first, of course, because we already know the operational quality therein.
  • Not mentioned: the hotel chain is working to offer corporate discounts to TwoBrain gyms. Bonus!

You can download our sample Corporate Intro Letter here.

Ken and I are working on a big project for training CEOs and business owners remotely, and we mention it in the interview. To see a beta version, click here.

But first, Ken and I talk about a pet project: CF24, a fundraiser for Special Olympics Athletes. We’re joined by Matt Le Quelenec, who works on the Special Olympics side. This is a very unique challenge with a live leaderboard and even a live video feed between gyms.

Cognitive challenges are very close to my heard (I’m also cofounder of and so I’m offering a bounty to gyms who participate: a $1500 credit toward mentorship or the UpCoach program. That’s enough to get you through RampUp, or about six months of mentoring afterward, or really train your coaches to the next level. It’s the most leveragable $1500 you can ever spend (many report a year-over-year ROI of 50Xpurchase) and you can win it by helping these athletes. Go to for details. In the States? More info coming soon.

Want to jump straight to the Corporate stuff? Go to 24:15.

“No one’s ever going to slap you for thinking too big.” – Ken Andrukow

Recorded on June 23 and 25, 2016.