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2:32- Rich says the word “Ninja” (he is one)

4:00 – How Rich started training clients for Tough Mudders

5:20 – Rich starts working as a Spartan Coach Race, and describes how he runs Obstacle Course classes in his CrossFit gym

7:00 – The conditioning required to run an obstacle course race

11:15 – Who signs up to do an obstacle race? Why don’t they sign up for CrossFit?

13:40 – Timing an OCR program in your gym

15:55 – Conversion of obstacle racers into CrossFit

20:30 – Signing up singles vs. groups

21:00 – “Obstacle Immunity”

22:40 – Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in training

24:00 – What do you need to run an OCR program at your gym?

25:00 – The role of grip strength

26:10 – Why “race fitness” is better than practicing specific obstacles

27:30 – Tests to assess fitness in OC racers

30:00 – Training the mental component

31:20 – How I run OCR programs at Catalyst with no OCR experience

33:00 – The Epic Race Gear Program (click the link below)

36:15 – The value of a deadline

37:00 – Some mistakes, and the best time to start

In “Critical Questions”, I talk about how to do the hard stuff required as an entrepreneur. I also talk about the value of entrepreneurship, whether your risks pay off or not. I refer to this article: How To Do The Hard Stuff.

Recorded on April 12, 2016.

Rich’s site is EpicRaceGear.com. One of his most popular blog posts is OCR Training for CrossFit Athletes.

You can buy his 6-Week Obstacle Course Program, including:

  • Full Six-Week OCR Program
  • Marketing Strategy and Timeline
  • Pricing Recommendations
  • Class SOPs and Talking Points


Rich’s email address is rich@mountainstrength.com.