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F your Funnel.

Why start your marketing plan with the people LEAST likely to want your service, and then try to filter out 90% of your audience? It’s like cutting down a whole tree to find the right twig.

Instead, start from a seed. Build a tree on which EVERY branch bears fruit. That’s Affinity Marketing.

Affinity marketing starts with your SEED clients: those perfect members who are most tightly connected to your brand. Then we move outward from the center: helping those people who are most tightly connected to your perfect client. Then, ring by ring, we identify the spheres of influence owned by the client.

I give a few examples in this podcast, and then diverge into psychological and behavioral retention strategies.

Affinity marketing is one of 9 recurring marketing strategies I teach as part of a monthly marketing plan. 

Specific examples and strategies are outlined in my book, Help First: Sell Less. Profit More.

This episode was recorded in front of a wood stove in my home gym (it’s still snowing in Northern Ontario.) It’s part of the lecture series I’ll be sharing in Charlotte on April 16 (if you’re not signed up, don’t worry: HQ will be there to record the whole thing.)

The seminar is sold out. If you want help, there’s RampUp.

And seminars!

Recorded on April 10, 2016 in front of a fire under my rig at home.

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