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Before the conversation started, I mentioned two great ideas from other affiliate owners:

Butch Santucci uses the Meijer grocery “curb” service in Michigan. Butch owns Wreck Room CrossFit.

Jennifer Broxterman is the owner of NutritionRx, and her husband Dave owns CrossFit London. Her “Healthy Meal Exchange Group” is described here. You can download instructions to run the program in YOUR box free here:


When Sam and her husband Kyle learned about the Stratified Model through Two-Brain Business: Grow Your Gym (Volume 1) and the mentoring program, they decided nutrition was their best path to increase ARM…but in Florida, legal hurdles stopped her from using her Precision Nutrition certification with her clients.

“I wanted a program that I could implement immediately that I couldn’t mess up.”

Sam found Nicole Marchand, a CrossFit L1 trainer and owner of My Healthy Steps, when Nicole visited CrossFit Port Orange. Using Sam’s understanding of behavior modification and Nicole’s huge knowledge base, they built a program for the box.

“In ten minutes, it generated $400.” Sam said. Almost more importantly, clients started driving to her gym from other gyms over an hour away. To date, the program has added thousands of dollars to her business, and subtracted hundreds of pounds from her clients.

Sam delivers her program in three levels:
1. Consultation – $79 – the client leaves with sample meal plans. For someone who wants a general outline of nutrition instead of weight loss or performance.
2. Individualized Packages – $199 – 80-minute consultation, handbook to follow chapter by chapter, individualized plans, and measurements. This is a 4-week personalized plan.
3. Individualized package with additional support – $399 – 8 weeks long with a support phone call every week. All of these things are part of Nicole’s Healthy Steps Program, including the handbook and instructions on implementation.
Nicole has a page set up with information on the Healthy Steps program here. You can book a free call here to chat with her, or email: consulting@healthystepsnutrition.com
Use the discount code TWOBRAIN to get 10% off.
Sam and Nicole’s program is plug-and-play if that’s the solution you want. But if you want to build something from scratch, you’ll find PLENTY of help in this episode to get it done.
Recorded on February 4, 2016.