Episode 155 – The Intramural Open with Mike Lejeune

The Intramural Open is a fantastic way to build your community during the CrossFit Open. The focus is on inclusion and celebration instead of competition (though there’s a good bit of that, too.) Every year, we’ve built and improved on the idea thanks to the feedback from those gyms.


The Intramural Open was invented by Chris Cooper, founder of Two-Brain Business. You can download our 2019 Intramural Open Guide here for free!

You should also read “How To Make The Open Easier” after you’ve downloaded the guide.

On the podcast today, we are joined by Mike Lejeune of CrossFit SciCoh and Echelon. Mike’s been running the Intramural Open at his gyms for years, and built Echelon to help him host competitions in his gym. The software makes it easy to host world-class fitness competitions. We talk about hosting competitions in general; the Intramural Open in particular; changes to the Games season (and the effects on your business!) and new opportunities for you as a box owner this year.

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2:43 – Introduction to the Intramural Open
4:19 – What is the Intramural Open?
5:57 – How you can get the Intramural Open started at your gym?
10:45 – The importance of creating a competitive environment and keeping it fair
17:17 – Why RX athletes are not placed on a pedestal for the Intramural Open
18:31 – Facebook Live Events to pump up the gym during the Open
20:24 – Boosting participation through Friday and weekend events during the Open
26:46 – The Sixth-week grand finale to the Intramural Open
28:24 – Motivation and prizes for winning the intramural open
33:00 – The Re-Open, the midterms for the Open.
36:19 – The benefits of using Echelon for Intramural Open planning
39:29 – How to sign up to use Echelon and begin planning an event


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