Episode 152 – UpLaunch with Matt Verlaque and Jake Johnson


If you were building the perfect software tool for gyms from SCRATCH, where would you start?


I would start with a CRM. The most important work we do is the work that helps our clients. That doesn’t mean a scoreboard; that means a way to help them get started seamlessly, stay excited and engaged, and reward them for great behavior.


The second most important work we do is the work that helps our coaches. That doesn’t mean easier payment processing; that means a way to see clients’ goals and progress, reminders to contact them, and a way to share their authority-building content.


Finally, you need software that will help you increase sales. Payment software solved that problem in 2006, but hasn’t really improved much since. And that software doesn’t increase sales; it just automates the sales you’ve already made.


Nurturing future clients means talking to people who are paying attention…but not yet paying you money. While I wish every gym owner would write 500 words every day, or send a caring video to every person who said, “Talk to me more!” on their site…the reality is that it’s not going to happen. You just don’t have time.

Now, your website doesn’t do any of this stuff. Does your booking/billing/scorekeeping software? I doubt it.

Really, scorekeeping is one of the least important things you do in your gym. This other stuff is mandatory. And that’s what a CRM does.

Enter UpLaunch: a CRM for the gym industry. 

Jake Johnson and Matt Verlaque were actually two of my first guests on this podcast back in 2016. The idea was so solid, and their offer to “Help First” was so great that we “helped fast”: we gave away some free emails for people to automate. Then they spent over two years refining the product. Now it’s finally ready.

 Join us today as we discuss how this tool can be used in your gym and how to get started with an exclusive offer for the Two Brain Family. 


UpLaunch was launched by Matt and Jake who are both former firefighters are also CrossFit gym owners. The company was originally born within the walls of CrossFit Gettysburg, PA. As Matt and Jake began to grow their fitness business they soon realized that there was no software platform available that made it easy to deploy advanced marketing automation strategies and tactics without setting up third party tools. Ever tool that already existed was either expensive or extremely complicated and that was just not good enough. Originally a mix up of third party tools, today UpLaunch provides a customer software solution for box owners that is unparalleled. Listen in on today’s episode to learn more about how powerful this platform is and the extensive capabilities it offers gym owners worldwide. 


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1:30 – What is UpLaunch?

3:00 – How UpLaunch was started by two former firemen?

7:05 – The early beginnings of UpLaunch and how it became to be

13:02 – Developing today’s version of software and going back to school

18:58 – Leaving the firefighting profession and jumping into UpLaunch full time. 

22:46 – What does UpLaunch do to streamline service-based businesses

27:15 – What does UpLaunch do to reach out to current clients and potential clients?

39:35 – The One Hundred Day Journey for your client and customer