Episode 149 – Vaughn Vernon – Lessons Learned

Today we are joined by Vaughn Vernon, owner of Affiliate Guard. Affiliate Guard is an industry-specific company that provides insurance coverage for affiliates. Founded by Vaughn in 1999, Affiliate Guard insures 2,500 gyms across the world today. Join us as we talk about Vaughn’s growth as a business and as an entrepreneur.

This episode is NOT about insurance. But Affiliate Guard is an official TwoBrain partner, which means they uphold the TwoBrain standard of excellence and care.

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0:25 – Introduction to Vaughn Vernon

1:55 – Vaughn’s experience growing a major insurance company 

6:11 – Growing a business within a niche

8:29 – What is the structure of Affiliate Guard? What can we learn about the structure of other businesses from AG?

9:40 – Keeping communication open while running a family business

10:52 – Realizing that you cannot be everything to everybody

12:48 – Determining the seed clients necessary to start an insurance company

15:27 – How complacency can cause problems in your business

16:05 – What does a typical day look like for Vaughn?

18:15 – Insight into the Affiliate Guard hiring process

23:57 – Two Brain Stories with Matt Koym