Episode 143– The Easiest Thousand Dollars You’ll Make This Year– Matt Albrizio


One of the most important things gym owners can do is to MAXIMIZE THEIR TIME. We all have so many options that it’s easy to get sucked into low-value tasks. One of those is designing shirts.


Sure, it feels fun to be creative and fool around with fonts and stuff, but unless your gym is already super profitable, and you’re totally retired, you DON’T HAVE TIME. If you add up the time you spend browsing designs on Google, asking advice on Facebook and then fooling around on Microsoft Paint (or whatever else you’re doing), and then paying someone to clean up your designs and digitize them, you’re probably losing money on retail!


I started using Forever Fierce nearly three years ago. I’m not buying t-shirts and hoodies: I’m buying a solution to my retail problem. That leaves me free to do the stuff that actually grows my business, instead of wasting time on the stuff I just mentioned.


We don’t sell ad space on this podcast. If you hear us talking about someone, there’s only one reason: we believe their service is great for Affiliates. We always use them ourselves.


On this episode, Greg interviews Matt Albrizio of Forever Fierce. Forever Fierce is a custom apparel company that is hyper focused on affiliate owners worldwide. We talk about apparel in the fourth quarter of 2018, the importance of having a theme, and what you should be looking to do in 2019! Additionally, Matt talks about how to make the easiest $1,000 dollars you have ever made. Seriously, you do not want to miss out on this.


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1:42 – Apparel and associating them with specific themes

3:23 – Why is now the time to start focusing on hoodies?

5:47 – Key elements of a good hoodie design?

9:25 – The most important components of staff retention

16:55 – CrossFit apparel going forward in 2019

22:54 – How to contact Forever Fierce

25:25 – Two-Brain Stories with Greg Strauch

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