Episode 127– Driven


Today we are joined by Jason Rule of Driven Nutrition. Jason has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, and originally got his start by creating a software company. Soon after his passion for health launched him into purchasing GNC store and bursting onto the health supplement scene. After becoming frustrated with the current supplement offerings, Jason started his own supplement line, Driven Nutrition, focusing on outreach to CrossFit affiliates and serving their customers. Today we will discuss more about how he started his company, how it has grown, and what is next for Driven.


Like many entrepreneurs, Jason had a family when he sold his franchise with GNC and started Driven. The pressures of providing for a family while growing a business were felt on a daily basis. By focusing on his brand and developing relationships with key affiliate owners, Jason was able to build his brand and grow his business to the level it is at today. Growing his business was not just about his brand, however. Making sure to deliver value to affiliates and their customers by providing the best possible supplements for their members is an equally important component of the explosive growth that Driven Nutrition has experienced.


Join us today as we talk about the ins and outs of the supplement industry, how it relates to CrossFit, and take a deep dive into how you as an affiliate can determine which products your members want and how to fulfill their needs! Additionally, we will be dissecting how Jason grew the Driven Nutrition brand from the ground up. As always, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Jason at Driven Nutrition through the contact link below!




2:42 – Introduction to Jason Rule and how he started Driven Nutrition

7:29 – What pushed Jason to sell his software company and launch his supplement line?

8:47 – Why leave GNC and focus on CrossFit affiliates?

9:22 – Taking the jump into entrepreneurship from a franchise model

11:16 – Creating a level of accountability with affiliate owners

12:38 – What should people take in terms of supplements?

14:55 – What are some ways that larger supplement companies are using the power of good?

17:30 – How affiliates can sell more products in their gym

20:05 – The tactics used to grow the Driven Nutrition Brand

24:54 – How do you keep going despite rejection when starting a business

26:48 – The backstory behind Jason reaching out to Chris about Driven Nutrition

28:16 – What should the next step be after dealing with a rejection

29:30 – What should an affiliate owner be selling in their gym?

32:29 – What does the typical affiliate start with for nutrition supplements


38:15 – What is a realistic margin affiliate owners can expect for nutrition products?

40:08 – What education value does Driven provide for supplements?

42:16 – The emotional leverage points of a serial entrepreneur

45:08 – What is the future of Driven Nutrition?

46:40 – How to get started as an affiliate with Driven Nutrition?

49:40 – Two-Brain stories with Nicole Aucoin


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