Episode 126– Q+A With Coop


Every six months or so, I like to answer questions I’m asked by you, the listener or reader. but I’ve always shied away from publicly posting my responses to the “what do YOU do?” questions, because it feels like hubris.


But recently, a friend pointed out that people ask Tim Ferriss and James Altucher those questions because they’re looking for a model. No one–not even Tim–can do all of the 270 ideas he published in Tools of Titans. No one can follow every person he writes about in Tribe of Mentors. We ask Tim “What do YOU do?” because we’re looking for a model; we want to try on his life to see if it fits. We want to know where to start.


I’m also a huge believer in setting very clear, visual goals, and then working backward to build a plan. I did this for my clients for 20 years at the gym, and I’ve done it with my mentoring clients for 6 years now. But sometimes goals and “perfect days” are hard to visualize without context; until Bannister broke the 4:00 mile, no one had ever done it. As soon as he did it, several others did it within months. It just took someone to show them it could be done.


With that in mind, use me as a model (or say “I don’t want to be anything like that jerk!” and use me as an example of what you DON’T want in your life) and work backward from that.


Got a specific questions? Book a free call with me (I still do them all myself, because I love them) or email me: chris@twobrainbusiness.com.


I’ll be at The CrossFit Games, speaking on the SME stage at 10am on Saturday. Then I’ll be signing copies of Two-Brain Business 2.0 at the CrossFit Stuff booth at 1pm. And on Sunday at 10am, I’ll host a free meet and greet with Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition at 10am.


Here are the questions I answer in this episode:


3:40: “Retire from what?!?”


5:41: “How do you always get up at 4am to write?”


9:21: “Are you still actually doing CrossFit after 10 years?” (yes, and…)


14:50: “How do you produce SO much content?”

Also: “How did you really turn Catalyst around?”


21:22: “How do you get paid, and how much?”

Where my income comes from, my tax strategy, and how I can “retire” now

(This might get me in trouble, so listen quick in case I have to edit it out!)


26:56: “What would you change or edit in Two-Brain Business if you could?”

It’s not 2012 anymore…if you haven’t read TwoBrainBusiness 2.0, it’s far more tactical than the original (but has fewer stories).

The real answer is in this article.


30:24: “How did you ACTUALLY turn Catalyst around when it got into trouble?”

Roles and tasks, systems and processes, amazing retention, and telling stories every day.


36:41: “How is Catalyst doing NOW?”

I work 20 minutes on Catalyst every 2 weeks and still get paid. That’s NOT what most people want. Here’s how I do it, and why it’s a good target for anyone.

Catalyst’s current strategy for growth: meeting people in person, telling our clients’ stories, and a bit of digital media.

TwoBrain’s $70,000 investment in testing DM agencies, and the result

THE RIGHT ANSWER: Two-Brain Marketing


41:30: “How did TwoBrain get so big, so fast?”

Do the things that actually help your clients. AND

Don’t be scared to work with powerful people.


47:29: “What’s NEXT for gym owners and TwoBrain?”


Got a specific questions? Book a free call with me (I still do them all myself, because I love them) or email me: chris@twobrainbusiness.com.

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