Episode 122 – The Client Journey


Today we are talking about a very productive task that you can do for any business: mapping a client’s journey. This is all about determining what process you want a client to go through and what experiences you want them to have with your business. Today is all about the big picture and it is also an interactive session so be sure to have a whiteboard or notepad ready to write your own client story!



Gym Client Journey

Data shows that the best way to start a client’s journey with your business is through an introductory program like a “no-sweat intro”. Here are Catalyst, we want people to come in for an initial consultation where we can determine what the client’s needs are and we can recommend which services are most applicable to them. Some of the most important questions to ask at this point are:

What brings you in?

What have you done in the past that you liked?

What are the things you have done in the past that you didn’t like?

The purpose of this part of the story is to point to a common goal that you can team up with the client and conquer together.


Another important part of the initial conversation is to make the client comfortable with the gym and feel like they can do the movements and exercises necessary to feel the part. Perhaps they do not need to feel crippled by the most intense workout your gym has to offer, but they do need to at least taste intensity before joining their first group workout. Party of the on ramp session needs to address what it will take to get the client to this point and be integrated into the gym.


The next important component of the client journey is to review the logistics of their first training session. Do they book this session directly with you? When do they pay you for this initial session? Do you give them a gift for joining the gym? Do they need to sign a waiver before joining your gym? These are all tasks that need to be considered while the client joins your gym.


Additionally, other important questions that should be continually asked to your client are as follows:


  1. What should the client do (It is your job as a coach to tell them exactly what to do!)
  2. What should the client know
  3. How should the client be rewarded (Checkout BadgeOS)


Mapping out your client journey will solve a lot of your businesses on boarding problems. Start from the top down and ask yourself what kind of experience do you want your clients to have, what services will satisfy these experiences, and how do you want those services to be delivered.

TWOBRAIN FAMILY STORIES: Phoebee Frost of CrossFit Long Haul (AUS) shares her journey, lessons learned, and experience with TwoBrain.



0:30 – What exactly is mapping a client’s journey?

1:53 – Where does the client journey story start?

5:41 – Making recommendations based upon what the client wants

8:55 – Determining the logistics for signing up a new client

13:43 – Organizing the clients first day at your gym

16:03 – The three most important questions to be asking about your client

18:15 – How do I ask a client what do they want next?

21:03 – Introducing the Level Method at your gym




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