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Episode 117 – Eleiko


Today we are joined by Rickard Blomberg, the President of US operations for Eleiko Sport. Eleiko has been the gold standard when it comes to weightlifting equipment. Since 1963, they have been building a weightlifting bar that lasts longer and performs better than any other in the industry. Join us today to learn how Rickard has helped transition this company into the modern age and carry on the company’s legacy since its founding!


Eleiko started all the way back in 1927 and stands for Electrical Installations Limited. The company originally started making waffle irons and toasters for its first 30 years when in 1957 an idea to create a weightlifting bar by then factory supervisor, Mr. Hellstrom, changed the company forever. After being constantly frustrated with barbells bending and breaking, Mr. Hellstrom approached the managing director with his idea and Eleiko Sport was born. Ever since the barbells have been crafted with a specially formulated, hardened steel, which has forever and changed the weightlifting industry forever too.


Lennart Blomberg, a family friend of the original owners, was an experienced businessman when in 1997 the company was made available for purchase. The Blombergs decided to acquire the company and ever since has remained a family owned and operated business. Today, the next generation of Blombergs are at the helm leading the company and fitness enthusiasts to new heights. Rickard Blomberg heads the company’s US operations while his brother Erik is at the helm as CEO.


On unique trait about Eleiko is the entrepreneurial spirit contained within the company. Despite the company being so old, the company is still passionate about growth and as a result has develop many fitness training programs.  Additionally, it is reaching into the US market by means of division one schools and even the US Army and Navy. Recently, CrossFit and other functional training outfits are becoming interested in the growth of Eleiko Products and including them in their gyms too! The passion to continue providing top quality products to the weightlifting industry drives the Blombergs and fuels their innovation daily.


4:25 – Rickard Blomberg Introduction and the Eleiko Story.

8:56 – How were the first Eleiko weightlifting bars introduced?

11:05 – How has Eleiko stayed on top of the barbell business for decades?

13:55 – The entrepreneurial spirit of Eleiko and why this is attractive to CrossFit

16: 27 – How is Eleiko making an impact in the United States?

18:46 – Does CrossFit play a role in the growing popularity of weight lifting?

20:27 – What does Eleiko do to provide education to weightlifting professionals?

24:23 – Training coaches on which cues to use for the most impact

27:12 –The first steps to starting a successful weightlifting program at your gym.

30:10 – Using weightlifting as a way to attract other to your gym

31:32 – How to advertise and recruit members to your weightlifting program?

33:04 – What are the biggest mistakes that can be made with adding a weightlifting program?

33:52 – Buy an Eleiko bar once and you will never need another weightlifting bar

39:17 – How to manage stress and your time in the average day

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