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Episode 116 – Iron + Mortar


Today on the show we are joined by Layci Nelson of Nelson Management Strategies. She is the co-founder of the Iron and Mortar Summit which aims to equip entrepreneurs to be the best version of themselves. Layci comes from a family of entrepreneurs and as a result, has an admiration for the change makers and risk takers within the business world. It is because of this that she enjoys engaging and inspiring leaders to become the best version of themselves possible. Layci has been involved in the conception, creation and implementation of over many programs, community initiates, and business models and aims to see the big picture for a company. Equipping business owners to lead is what she does best and today she is here to share this valuable knowledge with you!


We talk today extensively about Layci’s very interesting story on her journey from working professional to CrossFit. In addition, Layci has a very different approach to leadership summits than most which we dive into. She likes to keep her attendance small and focus on engaging with each attendee to help them master the concepts and have the greatest chance at success.


One of the things Layci loves about CrossFit is the unique lessons that it is capable of teaching on a daily basis. CrossFit introduces you to fear and overcoming fear just as in business. Business requires entrepreneurs to take calculated risks in a progression just like in CrossFit as you challenge yourself more and more. Additionally CrossFit is the perfect complement to a busy entrepreneur as it doesn’t cause decision fatigue, has a flexible schedule, is affordable, and reduces stress.


For more information about Layci and to gain her help, be sure to check out the Iron and Mortar Summit happening this year, October 21st-22nd in Snoqualmie, WA. This conference is the most authentic and genuine conference in the CrossFit industry and will fully equip you as a box owner with the network and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level!


2:47 – Introduction to Layci Nelson of Iron + Mortar  

4:11 – Layci Nelson’s story from working professional to CrossFit

28:14 – How do mistakes that you make in CrossFit translate into business success?

29:57 – How does CrossFit boost confidence in a measurable way?

31:41 – Why choose CrossFit as an entrepreneur?

36:00 – The benefits of CrossFit gyms who collaborate

43:28 – The best way to collaborate with top entrepreneurs

47:34 – How to find out more about the Iron + Mortar Summit


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