2:46 – The Baltimore Crew Introduction

5:00 – Meet the Baltimore Crew

6:10 – What brought CrossFit to Baltimore and how did the Baltimore Crew get started?

8:14 – Reacting to an employee leaving your gym to start their own

11:41 – Providing a holding spot for a fellow CrossFit Gym owner

14:39 – How Butch got started in the CrossFit World

16:26 – What it is like to leave a high paying job to start a CrossFit Gym

19:45 – Catering to individuals with a new take on the CrossFit Box model

23:50 – How rare is it to have box owners working together?

32:20 – What it was like to join Two-Brain after being a longtime box owner

33:58 – How to be vulnerable amongst your fellow gym owners

35:29 – What is the first step to forming a box owner group?

40:09 – What happens if there is a dispute amongst gym owners within the group?

42:00 – Here is what to do when you encounter a difficult client

44:26 – What does it take to be a part of the Baltimore Crew or to be kicked out?


In the Baltimore group:

Butch Santucci, WreckRoom CrossFit

Ardyth Hall, Push511 A CrossFit Life

Geo Rockwell, CrossFit Federal Hill

Matt Ropke, Clipper City CrossFit

Bronson Dant, CrossFit PCR

Kevin Lynch, Nevermore CrossFit

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