Your gym is a platform. On that platform, you can sell fitness through group classes, or one-on-one. You can also sell nutrition coaching, or smoothies, or guitar lessons. I sell cognitive training on mine. And some gyms are starting to sell co-working space between their class times.

When the building beside my gym came up for sale last May, I jumped on it. I bet half a million dollars that entrepreneurship would save my city, and that the next generation of founders would need my gym to help them thrive.

YOU probably don’t want to do the same. But you can partner with co-working spaces, service professionals and clubs in your city to meet–and attract–some of the best clients you’ll ever have.


In this episode, Eden breaks down what we sell at the Workshop, what we teach Entrepreneurs, and how we get them next door–into the gym.


I also talk about the concept of “Skin in the Game”, what I think of “free” mentorship, and why CrossFit gym owners have to learn FASTER than other entrepreneurs.


For more, deeper reading, I recommend Nassim Taleb’s new book, Skin In The Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life. Get the audio version so you don’t miss the dry jokes.


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