Garner has a lot of life experiences to share on today’s show. He is married, has five girls, and has also taken up four completely different profession throughout his career. Upon graduating high school in the early 1970s, he ended up moving to Oregon and working some dangerous jobs within the logging industry. After saving up over one hundred thousand dollars, He and his brothers bought a farm in Oregon. After working the farm for years and years, Garner realized he was going to become half bent over and crazy if he works on a farm for another 40 years and decided to jump into the futures and trading industry in Chicago in June of 1979.


It wasn’t until the mid-90s when Garner became a person of faith and decided to become a youth pastor at his church that his journey toward building an organization that can reach out to youth in his community began. Since beginning the ministry of Our Greater Good, they have been able to start many programs within local schools in Valparaiso, IN. This has been making a huge difference for not only the students in his community but also the parents as well.


It wasn’t long after the start of the foundation that Garner became heavily involved in triathlons and fitness in general. After being invited to workout at a CrossFit gym one day, he instantly became hooked on this new found passion. It was at this point that he met a local CrossFit leader at another gym across town and learned that he wanted to open a second gym. Together they opened Top Fuel CrossFit which is still running strong to this day.


Nowadays in Garner’s spare time, he has helped start Love and Logic which is a program being used in local schools that provides parenting classes to strengthen families.  Join us today as we discuss not only CrossFit but also how to build a better, strong family in the process!



2:10 – Garner Tullis Introduction

4:00 – Garner Tullis’s story about growing up and how he got to where he is now

6:37 – From the farm to trading livestock futures in Chicago

7:27 – Becoming a person of faith

10:48 – The beginnings for the idea behind Our Greater Good

14:14 – What actually converted Garner to a person of faith?

19:50 – The opening of Top Fuel CrossFit

21:24 – The Love and Logic program being instituted in local schools

25:28 – How do faithfulness and fitness strengthen each other?

29:25 – How do parents react to the Love and Logic program?

37:48 – Transitioning to a new business and putting past skills to use

41:35 – What are some steps gym owners can take to spend more time with their family?

45:33 – Garner Tullis on Barbeque!



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