The CrossFit Open starts this week!


It’s one of the largest opportunities for marketing and sales in 2018 for CrossFit gyms. But it’s also one of the periods of greatest overwork: you’re possibly adding class times to the schedule, amping up the hype, dealing with competitive stress, ordering equipment (fingers crossed), hosting parties and getting your coaches realigned around the rules every week.


And how do you program workouts around Castro’s Big Reveals? Jason Brown of is here today to give you some tips to keep your clients energized, excited and injury-free during The Open.


We’ll also talk about what happens AFTER the Open. Even as the first gym to do the Intramural Open, Catalyst sees a lot of burnout immediately after the CrossFit Open ends. It’s the end of winter here, and cabin fever mixes with coach fatigue. Clients are tired of cycling the barbell and doing pullup variations, and they want to just.get.outside! Jason has some good insights into programming novelty and specialty programs after the Open too.


Jason Brown will be speaking at our 2018 Summit. This year’s Summit is already filling FAST, and we haven’t even announced our Keynote yet!


The Summit is two days with two separate tracks of presenters: one for coaches, and one for owners. Senior TwoBrain mentors are speaking on high-level topics this year, and we’re bringing in some of the top coaches in the industry to speak to YOUR coaches.


We do lectures, yes. We do group breakouts, role-playing and goal-setting sessions. Sponsors provide awards for TwoBrain gyms, and the TOP reason most people give for attending is the opportunity to mix with the top gyms in the industry.


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