Strong community. Strong clients. Strong staff.


Weak business?


An anti fragile business is one that grows while others are failing. Antifragility doesn’t simply mean avoidance of problems; it means using problems to diversify and grow.


One of the first questions I ask gym owners when they book their free call is, “What are your revenue streams?” The vast majority still make most of their money selling group fitness classes: the service with the highest turnover, lowest ARM and least predictability. When clients take a month off in the summer, the business suffers. When clients overspend at Christmas, the business suffers.


The opposite of fragility isn’t strength; it’s robustness. It’s diversification. In this talk from the 2017 Two-Brain Summit, I start by introducing the opportunity and necessity of giving clients a choice of how they train.


Then you’ll hear dozens of ideas from the brainstorming session: hundreds of the best minds in fitness today sharing their experience in specialty groups and other ways to diversify their revenue streams.


This is one of the “intro” speeches from our 2017 Summit. This year’s Summit is already filling FAST, and we haven’t even announced our Keynote yet!


The Summit is two days with two separate tracks of presenters: one for coaches, and one for owners. Senior TwoBrain mentors are speaking on high-level topics this year, and we’re bringing in some of the top coaches in the industry to speak to YOUR coaches.


We do lectures, yes. We do group breakouts, role-playing and goal-setting sessions. Sponsors provide awards for TwoBrain gyms, and the TOP reason most people give for attending is the opportunity to mix with the top gyms in the industry.


Today is the start of Two-Brain Week 2018! If you see this logo on a gym owner’s Facebook or Instagram page, ask them about their TwoBrain experience!


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