Episode 100 – State of the Industry, and The Future

This year has truly been amazing for  the Two-Brain Family. As a thank you for your continued support, I have two gifts for listeners to this podcast.  

The first is TwoBrain 2017 which is a collection of all the blog posts from the last year. We have compiled these into a book format that is over 300 pages! Click the link here to get this book: Twobrainbusiness.com/twobrain2017


The second thing is the Two-Brain Summit 2017 video recording series. If you sign up for the 2018 TwoBrain Summit before December 31, you’ll get these FREE. These videos are filled with lots of information from Dave Tate, to TwoBrain mentors and more. Additionally, the coaching side is also included which includes the likes of Jason Brown, Lacey Rhodes, Sara Benson and almost a dozen more SMEs! Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and I hope you make 2018 the best year of your life!


Our friend and partner Nicole Aucoin’s new book is out today! If you want to add a nutrition practice to your gym, you NEED THIS BOOK! Click here to grab it.

In this episode:

My annual “State of the Industry” report; where has the Movement progressed in 2017? Where are our biggest opportunities, and what will be our biggest challenges in 2018?


What are my predictions for 2018? On this podcast, I share five predictions that will help you guide your fitness company to larger-scale success next year.

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