The Entrepreneurial Scorecard

A gym owner opening her gym during COVID - the entrepreneurial scorecard

How are you at owning a business?

2020 was The Big Business Reveal. A worldwide pandemic and the resulting shutdowns were the ultimate tests of our businesses. Your weaknesses became obvious. But so, too, should your strengths have been on display.

Did the crisis shut you down?

Did you lose money?

Did you break even?

Did you pivot?

Did you grow? Some did.

Whether you did really well in 2020 or just struggled through—even if you closed down—you’re probably a better entrepreneur than you were in January. You have new scars and probably some new muscles to flex.

How do you measure success as an entrepreneur? It’s more than just the money. In this series, I’m going to tell you how to measure your progress this year.

In the next post, I’ll give you a Financial Scorecard.

After that, I’ll share our Entrepreneurial Growth test.

And finally, I’ll give you our Personal Check-In exercise, created by psychotherapist Bonnie Skinner to help Two-Brain entrepreneurs assess work-life balance.

We measure entrepreneurial progress on the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit—because even setbacks in your business can be wins if they make you a better entrepreneur in the long run. That means taking the stuff that didn’t work, reflecting on it, learning from it (the crucial step) and growing into a better business owner.

No matter what happened, 2020 probably made you a better entrepreneur. Even if it shut your business down, you learned some great lessons for next time. Because entrepreneurship is your job now, the 2020 crisis was just another step in your career.

What’s the next step?


One more thing!

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